Sunday, December 28, 2008

Just Some Stuff

Mommy and i have been enjoying the christmas tree she put up the day after that one day humans eat turkey on, thanksgiving or something. although Mommy had chinese food that day this year. but i digress. anyway, Mommy likes the tree for a different reason than i do. i just love the plastic taste, and gnawing on the green branches. Mommy really gets irritated and tries to spray me with that stupid spray bottle. she's lucky that i just don't have the energy to climb the tree, and that i'm only biting on the bottom branches!! i hear the tree only has another week or so to be up, which i really find unfair. why can't we have it up all year long? it's only a tree, it doesn't look too bad in the living room. oh well, i guess that means maybe i'll have to have my adventures down into the basement once the tree gets down there. although that means i need to watch out for that doggy living upstairs. he's nice and all, but i'm wary of him. i just never know what he's up to!

Mommy keeps telling people that soon she'll be celebrating the fact she's lived in this place for 10 years. hard to believe. i got here almost 2 years later. things have changed even since i've been living here. i remember when she was painting the ocean room. well she had painted the living room before that, but there were no mishaps. when she painted the ocean room (computer room), i was sitting in one of the windowsills the one day, and she decided to paint right underneath me. well, i decided to get out of the window, and when i jumped down, i put a paw right into wet paint. gee whiz!! before i could even lick it off, Mommy was grabbing my paw and trying to wipe it with a wet paper towel. i would pull away and run, and she'd catch up with me. finally, she had such a good grip on my paw, that i hissed. i was sooooooooooo mad. well, i had never hissed in front of Mommy before! she was appalled, but laughing so hard at the same time! that made me even more mad!! here Mommy is laughing her butt off at me, which was making me hiss even more, and she still wouldn't let go!! but she finally decided she had enough of the paint off my paw that if i licked off the rest, i would be ok, so she let go. i took off again! that's all i remember about the ocean room getting painted. it wasn't a pleasant memory, but Mommy sure seemed to get a kick out of it!

anyway, living here with Mommy has been (sorta) great, and she's liked living here, too. she can't believe the time has flown, and wonders where it went. i am hoping i can live with her here for another 10 years. i really do like the place. i have my favorite spots, like the kitchen cupboard, occasionally the fridge, all the nice windowsills, and that basement has some good hiding spots, too. it seems to be some good digs for the two of us.

guess i should be going. probably my last post for the year. i know i don't post too often, but Mommy never leaves the computer on anymore. she has the past few days, so i thought i'd take advantage of it!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I've Been Lazy, So Sue Me

it's been such a long time since i've blogged. Mommy's been leaving the computer on for days at a time, even though she doesn't use it much. so you'd think i'd be typing every night. i just haven't been in the mood. and that's a shame, there's been a lot to tell!

Mommy and i have a new neighbor. Mommy really likes her, i guess her name is Diane. she has a dog, named Frasier. i've met Frasier briefly, by peeking out around the corner while Mommy was standing there one time. he nosed me. he's not too bad, but i don't say that to mean i'd like him as my buddy. no thanks! anyway, hopefully Diane and Frasier will stick around awhile. i liked the last girl that was up there, she took care of me once. but, it does make Mommy and Grandma stop worrying when someone is living up there, so hopefully this will work out for a long time!

Mommy's birthday was in September, and i got one benefit from that: a giant box!! Mommy got a gift card from Walmart, and money from a special phriend named Mason, and she put it towards a loud thing she calls a Kone. it's like a mini-vacuum sort of thing. it doesn't scare the shit out of me like the big vacuum does, but i still cautiously supervise Mommy anyway when she's using it. but i digress. Mommy had to actually order the Kone thingy from Walmart from their website, and when it arrived after Mommy came back from her little vacation, it came in a gigantic box! i love that box. Mommy has really wanted to put it in the recyling bin, but she's been nice enough to let me have it for awhile. she is amused at seeing me in it. and of course, she got pictures. argh!!

let's see, what else is going on? Mommy's going crazy trying to make jewelry for some party she's having with Aunt Mandy. i guess it's this Saturday. Mommy's stuff is nice, but she aggravates me with how many beads she drops on the floor. once in a blue moon, i go after one, and she thanks me for that because otherwise, she just leaves them. really, you can't find much on that kitchen floor. i can understand why she doesn't want to try finding a small bead! but, it's crazy when i find a bead in my food dish, like i did last night. i'm so lucky i didn't break a tooth!!

the windows have been shut tight for weeks now, so i'm guessing it's the cold part of the year that Mommy and i both seem to hate. the heat goes off now, it's nice hanging out by the vents. and i guess a nice thing about it being colder is that Mommy takes out the blankets more, and let's me sleep under them with her. those are the best naps! i know Mommy likes them, too.

well, guess i better go. i can't think of anything else of importance right now, except for a nap in the big box!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mommy's Leaving Me?? And Other Crap

so Mommy has been telling me the past few days that she's going away to some place with horses, i think. i don't know where this place is, but all i know is that she says she's going for a couple days. she says she is leaving me a shitload of food (hey, those are her words, not mine) and water, and i should be fine. fine?? well i'm sure i'll be ok, but i will be lonely!! i might not even be able to eat. sometimes i get that way when she's gone for a day or two. and then when she comes home, and i know she's not abandoning me again, i pig out. ugh, why does she do this to me?????? i wonder if she'll leave the computer on for me. hmmmmm.

so tonight the doorbell rang and scared the crap out of me, as usual. Mommy didn't know who the heck it was, and when she finally answered it, it was a lady with a check. i guess she's moving into the apartment upstairs. i heard something about a dog, too. i don't know about that. i got to meet the lady, and her name is Diane. she seemed nice. she was calling me all kinds of names, like beautiful and gorgeous, and wonderful. i'm gonna really like her! after a few minutes, i just decided to go hide. i get like that. i think Mommy will let her take care of me whenever Mommy abandons me. i guess i can live with that!

well i hear Mommy stirring in the living room. i think she's getting ready to go to bed. that means she'll let me out of the computer room. she's had me locked in here for quite a while. i almost thought she forgot about me. as you can probably guess, i was a bad kitty again. well, bad in her eyes. i only wanted to "play!"

Monday, September 22, 2008

Just Some Thoughts

Mommy has locked me in the computer room for the 2nd time tonight. i hate when she locks me in here. i only wanted to bite the hell out of her, which i was doing successfully, when she got up in a rage and chased me all the way in here. and then she slammed the door shut. the only consolation tonight (yes, there have been other nights when she's locked me in here) is that the computer is on. so, i am writing. it's been awhile.

i hear that Mommy and i are getting a new housemate soon. i hear, also, that she is an animal lover. hmmmm. maybe i will like her, i am not too sure. what i do like, however, is the apartment upstairs. Grandma left the apartment door ajar last week when the new lady came to look at it, and when Mommy thinks i'm wandering down in the basement, i'm really upstairs snooping. although, last Thursday i was up there and Mommy heard me. that was because i stupidly jumped off the counter in the kitchen, and Mommy heard. i'm no lightweight, that's for sure. i gave myself away. she was laughing, though. i think she was surprised i was up there. i think she also gets a kick out of the way i make the stairs creak when i'm coming down them. i don't know if she's making fun of me and my plumpness, or what. it's one of the reasons i like to bite her in the evening!

well i hear Mommy moving around in the kitchen. maybe she will let me out now!! i don't think i'll try biting her again tonight. of course, she's going to ditch me soon after she opens the door to go to bed. i can never win!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Geesh, Finally

Mommy left her computer on tonight, it's about time. i wish she would leave it on all the time. heck, i wish she would use it again more often. she's on that silly thing called a laptop every day now. our routine is all messed up. she used to have breakfast in the computer room every morning, which was nice because i like to hang out on the rug in there. but now she eats at the kitchen table while on the laptop. it's very weird seeing the kitchen table actually being used for eating. i'm glad she is enjoying herself, but really, i think it's very rude since she isn't considering how much this is disrupting to me!

Mommy's friend, Eve, stayed here this past weekend with her boyfriend, Jody. they weren't too bad, mostly because they were only here at night. i remember Eve. she helped Mommy shove me into a cat carrier bag back in December, and then drove me to the vet. i'll get her for that at some point. Eve is crazy, though. i have to be careful of her!

i've taken into hiding in the cupboard behind the macaroni almost every day. Mommy can't understand it. i just like it in there, it's a bit cooler, and just a great place to hide. and sleep. oooooh it's nice for sleeping. i do come out of there by late afternoon. it does get cramped after awhile, and well, you've seen my size. i need space, too!

i guess that's all the important stuff i have to say. Mommy has been busy this summer for the most part. i'm happy that she's doing stuff. she was rather sad this past winter that she couldn't do an awful lot since she was so sick. i hope she doesn't get sick again this winter. it is hard to believe that before we all know it, those stupid plastic sheet things will go over my windows, and the cold weather will be here. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! i think Mommy is thinking the same thing! we do have some similar thoughts, i am her child afterall!

Monday, June 30, 2008


i know it's been a long time since i've written. Mommy was using the computer alot (not shocking), and then shutting it off at night. i don't know how to put it back on. then, Mommy got a new laptop on Friday. she hasn't used the computer since, but it was on this afternoon, so i thought i'd sneak an entry while Mommy is in the bedroom typing away. she can do that because of something called a wireless router. whatever. now i feel like the computer is mine!

anyway, the ultimate evil happened last week. my aunt Lisa came. with her husband, named Brandon. i usually get used to them more than i used to in previous years. well, more used to Lisa. however, they brought their dogs with them. that was just downright cruel. i hid in the cupboard most of the time. when i got brave enough to come out, one of the dogs (the one they call Zoey) kept stalking me. apparently she's never seen a cat before. she'd get kinda too close for comfort, so i'd cry at her, trying to tell her to back off. that would lead her to start barking at me, and acting like she wanted to play. it was quite irritating. everyone kept trying to yell at her to back off, but she was very stubborn. i'm just glad we never had a showdown. she might have got her ass kicked.

the other dog, Lexie, was not bad. in fact, i think she was just a follower. Zoey would get all excited and barky over seeing me, and Lexie would join. but then she'd see me, and she'd be like, whatever. now if it was just Lexie that Lisa and Brandon had brought up, i think i wouldn't have hid all that often. the only thing i didn't like about Lexie was that she ate about 1/4 bag of my cat food. that was just rather rude. she had her own food! basically she just eats anything you give her. such a pig!

well that's it for now. i'm going to see what Mommy is doing. i'm sure she's in her glory with the laptop. all weekend she couldn't move out of the computer room with it since she didn't have the router thing, but this moring, after she got it and installed it, she's been in the bedroom since. i have a feeling she's going to become very lazy!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Mommy Bugs Me......

.....with her camera. she loves taking pictures of me, as if she doesn't see me every day. sometimes it's really irritating. she took a couple last week. she has a fascination with my paws. i don't see what the big deal is, but she just loves them. see the silly picture she took? she thought it was cute!
as you can see in the next picture, i am not amused by her camera shots. i wish she would just leave me alone sometimes and let me rest!! oh well, guess there's not much i can do. i love her anyway. because she feeds me.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Had A Plan

Mommy used to think i looked so cute sleeping right at the computer monitor back in the day when i was so much smaller than i am now. little did she know that i was secretly peeking at her, and watching how to use the computer. why it took over 6 years for me to decide to start using it is beyond me, but that is neither here nor there. i am now blogging when she isn't looking! oh wait, she knows this already. darn.

by the way, the only thing that is the exact same in this picture nowadays are her computer speakers, and the little fishies on top. she's had two other computers since then, and a monitor. oh and of course, i grew up to be big and fat, or pleasantly plump!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My First Toy

Mommy seems to remember this clear as day. she finds it so funny, but heck, i just thought it was something to do. way back when, Mommy used to keep some stuffed animals on her living room glass table. it was her odd way of decorating (glad she doesn't do it anymore). one night, she was watching tv, and kinda not paying attention to me. i wandered over to the table and saw this white puffy thing sitting there. it looked sooooooooo enticing. so i jumped up on the table. i knew i wasn't allowed to, but Mommy still wasn't paying attention to me. well, i picked up that white puffy thing and jumped off the table. i was trying to make a get-away with it, when Mommy saw me and burst out laughing! she was laughing so hard, she was crying. apparently she just thought it was hilarious that this white puffy thing was about as big as my entire head. i also don't think she ever saw a kitty with something in it's mouth like that. anyway, that was my very first toy. Mommy debated about letting me keep it, but i looked at her pleadingly with my big ole' eyes, and she gave in! man, i loved that thing. i got a few years use out of it before one day it magically disappeared and i never saw it again. sigh.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Chair Stealer!

i just figured out that Mommy was able to use her scanner! she put a bunch of pictures of me on the computer. i thought i'd post a couple!

Mommy calls me her chair stealer. i like to steal the chairs she's been sitting in if she gets up for a minute or two. when she comes back, i'm all comfy in the chair, and she kicks me out of it and calls me a chair stealer. i guess it began when i was a little guy, because i found this picture!

here i am stealing the kitchen chair Mommy left for a minute to answer the phone. stupid move on her part.

and here i am stealing Mommy's computer chair. notice how annoyed and ticked off i am for having to be bothered. she shoved my butt off the chair after she took the picture. not nice.

Mommy's A Computer Hog!

i haven't been on the computer in awhile. Mommy is constantly on it, or so it seems. and when she isn't, it's my naptime. i try writing at night, but Mommy has been turning off the computer lately, so i can't post something. she is just so rude!

anyway, the other night, Mommy finally found my little stuffed toy bear that i love to play with. i just kick it's ass everywhere, and it's a jolly good time. but every once in awhile, i get it stuck underneath something, and i can't get it out. i have to wait until Mommy finally figures out she hasn't seen it in awhile, before she finds it for me. it's quite annoying. sometimes it's days, but sometimes it's weeks. i mean, hasn't she known i haven't been kicking it's butt lately?? another thing i like to do is bring it to her after she's gone to bed. she'll have the lights turned out, and i know she's all snuggly under her covers. then i decide to get my bear, and start crying really loudly outside her door. i drop it on the rug, and continue crying as loud as i can. sometimes she'll get out of her warm comfy covers, and open the door and thank me for the bear. but sometimes she doesn't bother. that sure annoys me! how rude could she be??

i get back at Mommy alot. there are times in the early morning, after she gets up to take her Revatio, that she has to use the bathroom. so after she's done, and she's walking back to her bedroom, i like to attack her and try to sink my teeth in her foot or leg. i find it highly entertaining, but i can't figure out why Mommy gets so pissed off. i do it to her at night, too. or sometimes, if she's trying to take a nice little nap on her bed. i'll get up there, act like i'm going to take a nap with her, and then eventually turn on her, and try to sink my teeth into her head. she doesn't like that either. it's no wonder i get thrown out of rooms alot, with doors slammed shut in my face. guess i'll never learn!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Not Very Nice!

yesterday morning, after Mommy got up, she was in the bathroom doing her usual stuff. i came in to say hi, my usual stuff. i wanted to get up on the counter, since she had opened up the window, and i thought it would be so nice sitting in the sun. so i tried to peek up there to see if anything was there, and i couldn't see anything. i backed up, took a big jump, and saw this thing laying on the counter near the sink that just scared the crap out of me!! i hit the counter and then jumped even higher and away from the counter that i almost landed in the tub! Mommy had the nerve to laugh her ass off at me! i had to sit there on the floor and just think about what the hell just happened for a moment. she showed me the thing on the counter, which was the ace bandage she had put on her foot. and she was STILL laughing. damn her! (yes, you can blame my Mommy for my not-so-nice language!)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Mommy

i thought i'd write a little about my Mommy while she was off at some party for tiny kids. or tiny terrors, in my opinion. ever since i've been living here, Mommy has never worked. she used to work, she taught the tiny terrors at a place called Headstart. i guess she really loved it. but it made her too sick one year, and so her doctor made her quit. in fact, i heard her say yesterday that it was her 8th year anniversary of having to quit. she was pretty sad about it for a long time. but i also heard her yesterday say that she thinks quitting saved her life. i'm glad she had to quit. or else, she might not have been my Mommy. and i think she's alright.

Mommy has something called pulmonary hypertension. she discusses it on her blog. it's a lung disease, where the pulmonary artery is very constricted and she has a hard time breathing. she's sob alot, short of breath. she has this nice shade of purple when she really overdoes it. sometimes i've seen her sit on her bed for a bit to catch her breath, and i have to hang around her to make sure she's ok. but i guess she's been doing alot better since she's been on medicines. oh, and she's also on oxygen.

ever since i've been at the house, Mommy has this long tubing coming out from her nose and running throughout the house. let me tell you, that stuff is tasty!! i really loved snacking on it when i was little. boy, that used to piss Mommy off! she'd realize i was eating the tubing (not sure how though), and she'd come over to where i was all in a huff, and she'd smack the floor near me and yell "NO." i tell ya, it was rather scary! she did it so often, that i eventually just realized maybe this tubing as a snack was just not worth it. i really haven't snacked on it in a long time. but there are times when my tummy really wants it, and i just can't resist. of course, Mommy smacks the floor and yells. i can't win!

well i will go nap before Mommy gets home. i hope she's having fun. i'm just going to enjoy her computer chair while she's gone!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Window!!

while Mommy is napping, i thought i'd post a little something. it must be that the weather is getting nicer. Mommy opened up the bathroom window today. oh how i miss that window during the winter!! i miss all the windows, but this one is my favorite. i can't wait to sit in it at night and watch people going by. most of them don't even know i'm there, which is suprising considering how pleasantly plump i am. oh well, i can't wait til this window can stay open all the time!

I've Been Caught!

well, my Mommy found out i've been blogging. some lady named Jen posted a comment on my blog today. thanks, Jen. now Mommy knows what i've been doing!! she especially knows i've been on her computer chair, which i'm not allowed to be on. whatever. anyway, Mommy has allowed me keep my blog, as long as i'm nice in it. i guess i'll have to be!

Monday, April 14, 2008


over the years, Mommy has come up with quite a few nicknames for me. she uses them depending on her mood. some of them are very endearing. some of them are used when she thinks i've done something wrong. my nicknames include:

*my little man
*my love
*fat cat (geesh, don't point out the obvious)
*fat ass (geesh, could she be any ruder??)
*little shit (sometimes i deserve that)
*furry blob (usually when i'm upside down on the floor, stretching)

sometimes she just pulls things out of the air to say to me. quite often she'll say hi to me even if i just saw her a few seconds ago in another room. she's quite dependent on me, i think. i guess i'm glad i'm around to keep her company!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What The Hell Is That??

one day my Mommy came home with something for me. cool, i thought! was it a new toy? a treat? catnip?? it was none of those things. she got me a blue collar. why the heck would i need a collar?? she forbids me from going outside (although it was the middle of winter, so i was happy i didn't have to go out there!). i was a little wary of it. she tried to put it on me. OH MY GOSH! it was absolute torture! i tried to get it off me, and somehow my paw got stuck so that it was almost choking me. Mommy felt horrible! here i am struggling to get this thing off, and then she was struggling to get it off me, too, because it was causing me harm! my claws were catching her hands everywhere, and she was pretty red. finally, she worked it off of me. whew!! i was so glad to be free of that thing! however, 5 minutes later, she puts it back on me again!! this time it was a little tighter, and i couldn't get my paw stuck or anything. i'm sure she was relieved that i wouldn't be all choking again, but i was pissed!! i spent a good half hour rolling around on the rug trying my best to get that thing off me. finally i just gave up. i think i've had the collar off of me twice since then. she keeps it on me in case i somehow "get lost." where does she think i'm going to get lost???? she's whacked, i tell you. some days i wonder how i manage to stay here!!

I Remember This One Time

so living with Mommy was going alright. she loved to pick me up and hold me. sometimes i liked it, other times i'd struggle until she had to just put me back down. hehe. she was beginning to grow on me though.

there was this one time in the kitchen, she was standing near the stove. i wanted to see her up close and personal. so i decided to climb her entire body to get up near her face! although she was kinda laughing, she was wincing at the same time. my claws were digging into her the entire way up. yeah, she was wearing jeans a sweatshirt, but for a kitty, my claws were pretty good! i enjoyed that climb. she pulled me off her sweatshirt when i got up to the top, and gave me a kiss and a hug. then she put me back down. needless to say, i was never allowed to do that again. ugh, party pooper!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

How I Came To Live With Mommy

i don't remember much about where i lived for the first two months of my life. i was born in october 2000, and i guess i was just too tiny to realize what was going on around me. all i know is that a couple months later, the people i was living with decided to get rid of me. i have to admit, i was a bit terrified! i mean come on, why didn't they want to keep me?? i wasn't that much of a problem, i was just a tiny little orange puff ball. anyway, my former owners decided that i had to try getting a new home, so they brought me to this pet store called Blackwinds. they put me in a cage in the middle of the floor, near the door, so people could stare at me and some other strange kittens. i was not happy about this, but i was hoping i could get out of there somehow! eventually, this lady and man saw me and picked me up, and started talking about me as a gift. i wasn't sure exactly what that meant, but if it meant getting out of the cage, i was all for it! after much debating, the lady and man decided to take me out of there! apparently i was free! they bought all this stuff for me, and although i was nervous since i had no clue where i was goin, i was happy that i was going to have some sort of home!

the lady held onto me when they got into the car. i wasn't really fond of the car ride, so i climbed up the lady's neck and hid behind her hair. i didn't really care that she didn't like it! we drove for a little bit, then pulled up in front of this house. it looked interesting. they lady and man went to the side door, and pushed a button. i had no idea what that was for (i will later become scared of this button because it means someone is at the door!), but a minute later this other lady opened the door. she seemed excited, happy, nervous, and not sure what to make of me hiding in the lady's hair. apparently the lady who rescued me is Erin, and she is one of Mommy's best friends. and Erin's man-friend was her fiance at the time, Mike. anyway, we went up the stairs and into an apartment. Erin took me out from behind her hair, and handed me to the new lady. she seemed like a nice lady, and she seemed to really love holding me. heck, she held me for a good half hour, rubbing me against her face and such, and already giving me kisses. i guess she had to make sure she could keep me, since she oddly seems to be allergic to some types of cats. Erin and Mike stayed to make sure this lady would be ok with me, and after a good long time, it was decided she was ok! this lady became my Mommy!!

Mommy was so happy to have me! i guess she had always wanted to have a cat, but half her family was allergic to them, so she had to wait until she was on her own to get one. she carried me around alot, and also watched me walk around. i was just so tiny at that time, her place seemed HUGE to me! i spent several hours with her, wandering around. she had no clue what to call me. i just wanted a name!

it started getting dark, and Mommy started getting ready to go somewhere. she had this box for me to stay in, but little did she know, i didn't stay in it! i guess she was going to a concert, some group called Barenaked Ladies. sounds odd, if you ask me, but it's one of her favorites. anyway, she left me in that big apartment on my first night there! she seemed to be gone forever. she left the light on for me, so i wandered all over the place. i tried to climb things, but i was worried i'd get stuck. suddenly, Mommy was back home! i was so excited. but then, Mommy left again. she had to get money or something to go out to a bar. i couldn't believe it.

the only thing that made me happy, was that before she left, Mommy was staring at me intently. she looked like she was thinking way too hard. she suddenly decided that my name would be Mittens. she thought it was gender-neutral, since she couldn't tell at that time if i was a boy or a girl. talk about giving me a complex!! she also said it looked like i was wearing mittens since i have white paws and orange fur. it was also winter, and Mittens seemed appropriate. so, i had a name!

and then she left me to go drink.

Mommy came back awhile later, and she got ready to go to bed. i thought to myself, yay, i can snuggle with her in the bed! and then she said goodnight and shut the door. what??? how rude!! ever since that day, i've never slept in the bed with her. i guess she trusts me to be on my own during the night. ha, little does she know what i do during the night!

and that is how i got to be here, living with my Mommy. december 2nd, 2000 is a great day for me, and i guess a great day for Mommy as well.

My First Thought

little does Mommy know how much i enjoy surfing the net while she's sleeping at night, or not around. she thinks i'm just enjoying HER computer chair (i hate when she yells at me to get out of her chair!), but i've got to tell ya, i've got her tricked real good. anyway, i see she likes to journal, or blog, or what-have-you. i see she talks about me often, so i thought hey, i need to start my own blog to talk about her! and i thought i'd share my other superior thoughts as well. so while Mommy is outside re-planting spider plants that she won't let me eat, i took over her chair and started my own blog! i'll try to talk about stuff on my mind, Mommy's crazy antics, my apparently crazy antics according to Mommy (whatever), and just my every day life. hopefully you'll enjoy it, but if not, i don't really care. i'm a cat, what do you expect? crap, Mommy's coming in, gotta go!