Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mommy's Leaving Me?? And Other Crap

so Mommy has been telling me the past few days that she's going away to some place with horses, i think. i don't know where this place is, but all i know is that she says she's going for a couple days. she says she is leaving me a shitload of food (hey, those are her words, not mine) and water, and i should be fine. fine?? well i'm sure i'll be ok, but i will be lonely!! i might not even be able to eat. sometimes i get that way when she's gone for a day or two. and then when she comes home, and i know she's not abandoning me again, i pig out. ugh, why does she do this to me?????? i wonder if she'll leave the computer on for me. hmmmmm.

so tonight the doorbell rang and scared the crap out of me, as usual. Mommy didn't know who the heck it was, and when she finally answered it, it was a lady with a check. i guess she's moving into the apartment upstairs. i heard something about a dog, too. i don't know about that. i got to meet the lady, and her name is Diane. she seemed nice. she was calling me all kinds of names, like beautiful and gorgeous, and wonderful. i'm gonna really like her! after a few minutes, i just decided to go hide. i get like that. i think Mommy will let her take care of me whenever Mommy abandons me. i guess i can live with that!

well i hear Mommy stirring in the living room. i think she's getting ready to go to bed. that means she'll let me out of the computer room. she's had me locked in here for quite a while. i almost thought she forgot about me. as you can probably guess, i was a bad kitty again. well, bad in her eyes. i only wanted to "play!"


Jen said...

Mittens...Happy Belated Birthday:))

Hope you did Ok while Mom was gone...and no more biting Mommy..I hope you are done with all that!!

Wendy's Mom said...

Hey Mittens! How are ya doing? I have not heard from you in a while and thought I better check up on ya.

BTW, sorry I missed your Birthday. My Mommy did not tell me you were having one or I might sent you a card. LOL!!

Well give update soon!