Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Had A Plan

Mommy used to think i looked so cute sleeping right at the computer monitor back in the day when i was so much smaller than i am now. little did she know that i was secretly peeking at her, and watching how to use the computer. why it took over 6 years for me to decide to start using it is beyond me, but that is neither here nor there. i am now blogging when she isn't looking! oh wait, she knows this already. darn.

by the way, the only thing that is the exact same in this picture nowadays are her computer speakers, and the little fishies on top. she's had two other computers since then, and a monitor. oh and of course, i grew up to be big and fat, or pleasantly plump!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My First Toy

Mommy seems to remember this clear as day. she finds it so funny, but heck, i just thought it was something to do. way back when, Mommy used to keep some stuffed animals on her living room glass table. it was her odd way of decorating (glad she doesn't do it anymore). one night, she was watching tv, and kinda not paying attention to me. i wandered over to the table and saw this white puffy thing sitting there. it looked sooooooooo enticing. so i jumped up on the table. i knew i wasn't allowed to, but Mommy still wasn't paying attention to me. well, i picked up that white puffy thing and jumped off the table. i was trying to make a get-away with it, when Mommy saw me and burst out laughing! she was laughing so hard, she was crying. apparently she just thought it was hilarious that this white puffy thing was about as big as my entire head. i also don't think she ever saw a kitty with something in it's mouth like that. anyway, that was my very first toy. Mommy debated about letting me keep it, but i looked at her pleadingly with my big ole' eyes, and she gave in! man, i loved that thing. i got a few years use out of it before one day it magically disappeared and i never saw it again. sigh.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Chair Stealer!

i just figured out that Mommy was able to use her scanner! she put a bunch of pictures of me on the computer. i thought i'd post a couple!

Mommy calls me her chair stealer. i like to steal the chairs she's been sitting in if she gets up for a minute or two. when she comes back, i'm all comfy in the chair, and she kicks me out of it and calls me a chair stealer. i guess it began when i was a little guy, because i found this picture!

here i am stealing the kitchen chair Mommy left for a minute to answer the phone. stupid move on her part.

and here i am stealing Mommy's computer chair. notice how annoyed and ticked off i am for having to be bothered. she shoved my butt off the chair after she took the picture. not nice.

Mommy's A Computer Hog!

i haven't been on the computer in awhile. Mommy is constantly on it, or so it seems. and when she isn't, it's my naptime. i try writing at night, but Mommy has been turning off the computer lately, so i can't post something. she is just so rude!

anyway, the other night, Mommy finally found my little stuffed toy bear that i love to play with. i just kick it's ass everywhere, and it's a jolly good time. but every once in awhile, i get it stuck underneath something, and i can't get it out. i have to wait until Mommy finally figures out she hasn't seen it in awhile, before she finds it for me. it's quite annoying. sometimes it's days, but sometimes it's weeks. i mean, hasn't she known i haven't been kicking it's butt lately?? another thing i like to do is bring it to her after she's gone to bed. she'll have the lights turned out, and i know she's all snuggly under her covers. then i decide to get my bear, and start crying really loudly outside her door. i drop it on the rug, and continue crying as loud as i can. sometimes she'll get out of her warm comfy covers, and open the door and thank me for the bear. but sometimes she doesn't bother. that sure annoys me! how rude could she be??

i get back at Mommy alot. there are times in the early morning, after she gets up to take her Revatio, that she has to use the bathroom. so after she's done, and she's walking back to her bedroom, i like to attack her and try to sink my teeth in her foot or leg. i find it highly entertaining, but i can't figure out why Mommy gets so pissed off. i do it to her at night, too. or sometimes, if she's trying to take a nice little nap on her bed. i'll get up there, act like i'm going to take a nap with her, and then eventually turn on her, and try to sink my teeth into her head. she doesn't like that either. it's no wonder i get thrown out of rooms alot, with doors slammed shut in my face. guess i'll never learn!