Sunday, December 28, 2008

Just Some Stuff

Mommy and i have been enjoying the christmas tree she put up the day after that one day humans eat turkey on, thanksgiving or something. although Mommy had chinese food that day this year. but i digress. anyway, Mommy likes the tree for a different reason than i do. i just love the plastic taste, and gnawing on the green branches. Mommy really gets irritated and tries to spray me with that stupid spray bottle. she's lucky that i just don't have the energy to climb the tree, and that i'm only biting on the bottom branches!! i hear the tree only has another week or so to be up, which i really find unfair. why can't we have it up all year long? it's only a tree, it doesn't look too bad in the living room. oh well, i guess that means maybe i'll have to have my adventures down into the basement once the tree gets down there. although that means i need to watch out for that doggy living upstairs. he's nice and all, but i'm wary of him. i just never know what he's up to!

Mommy keeps telling people that soon she'll be celebrating the fact she's lived in this place for 10 years. hard to believe. i got here almost 2 years later. things have changed even since i've been living here. i remember when she was painting the ocean room. well she had painted the living room before that, but there were no mishaps. when she painted the ocean room (computer room), i was sitting in one of the windowsills the one day, and she decided to paint right underneath me. well, i decided to get out of the window, and when i jumped down, i put a paw right into wet paint. gee whiz!! before i could even lick it off, Mommy was grabbing my paw and trying to wipe it with a wet paper towel. i would pull away and run, and she'd catch up with me. finally, she had such a good grip on my paw, that i hissed. i was sooooooooooo mad. well, i had never hissed in front of Mommy before! she was appalled, but laughing so hard at the same time! that made me even more mad!! here Mommy is laughing her butt off at me, which was making me hiss even more, and she still wouldn't let go!! but she finally decided she had enough of the paint off my paw that if i licked off the rest, i would be ok, so she let go. i took off again! that's all i remember about the ocean room getting painted. it wasn't a pleasant memory, but Mommy sure seemed to get a kick out of it!

anyway, living here with Mommy has been (sorta) great, and she's liked living here, too. she can't believe the time has flown, and wonders where it went. i am hoping i can live with her here for another 10 years. i really do like the place. i have my favorite spots, like the kitchen cupboard, occasionally the fridge, all the nice windowsills, and that basement has some good hiding spots, too. it seems to be some good digs for the two of us.

guess i should be going. probably my last post for the year. i know i don't post too often, but Mommy never leaves the computer on anymore. she has the past few days, so i thought i'd take advantage of it!!