Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Geesh, Finally

Mommy left her computer on tonight, it's about time. i wish she would leave it on all the time. heck, i wish she would use it again more often. she's on that silly thing called a laptop every day now. our routine is all messed up. she used to have breakfast in the computer room every morning, which was nice because i like to hang out on the rug in there. but now she eats at the kitchen table while on the laptop. it's very weird seeing the kitchen table actually being used for eating. i'm glad she is enjoying herself, but really, i think it's very rude since she isn't considering how much this is disrupting to me!

Mommy's friend, Eve, stayed here this past weekend with her boyfriend, Jody. they weren't too bad, mostly because they were only here at night. i remember Eve. she helped Mommy shove me into a cat carrier bag back in December, and then drove me to the vet. i'll get her for that at some point. Eve is crazy, though. i have to be careful of her!

i've taken into hiding in the cupboard behind the macaroni almost every day. Mommy can't understand it. i just like it in there, it's a bit cooler, and just a great place to hide. and sleep. oooooh it's nice for sleeping. i do come out of there by late afternoon. it does get cramped after awhile, and well, you've seen my size. i need space, too!

i guess that's all the important stuff i have to say. Mommy has been busy this summer for the most part. i'm happy that she's doing stuff. she was rather sad this past winter that she couldn't do an awful lot since she was so sick. i hope she doesn't get sick again this winter. it is hard to believe that before we all know it, those stupid plastic sheet things will go over my windows, and the cold weather will be here. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! i think Mommy is thinking the same thing! we do have some similar thoughts, i am her child afterall!