Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I've Been Lazy, So Sue Me

it's been such a long time since i've blogged. Mommy's been leaving the computer on for days at a time, even though she doesn't use it much. so you'd think i'd be typing every night. i just haven't been in the mood. and that's a shame, there's been a lot to tell!

Mommy and i have a new neighbor. Mommy really likes her, i guess her name is Diane. she has a dog, named Frasier. i've met Frasier briefly, by peeking out around the corner while Mommy was standing there one time. he nosed me. he's not too bad, but i don't say that to mean i'd like him as my buddy. no thanks! anyway, hopefully Diane and Frasier will stick around awhile. i liked the last girl that was up there, she took care of me once. but, it does make Mommy and Grandma stop worrying when someone is living up there, so hopefully this will work out for a long time!

Mommy's birthday was in September, and i got one benefit from that: a giant box!! Mommy got a gift card from Walmart, and money from a special phriend named Mason, and she put it towards a loud thing she calls a Kone. it's like a mini-vacuum sort of thing. it doesn't scare the shit out of me like the big vacuum does, but i still cautiously supervise Mommy anyway when she's using it. but i digress. Mommy had to actually order the Kone thingy from Walmart from their website, and when it arrived after Mommy came back from her little vacation, it came in a gigantic box! i love that box. Mommy has really wanted to put it in the recyling bin, but she's been nice enough to let me have it for awhile. she is amused at seeing me in it. and of course, she got pictures. argh!!

let's see, what else is going on? Mommy's going crazy trying to make jewelry for some party she's having with Aunt Mandy. i guess it's this Saturday. Mommy's stuff is nice, but she aggravates me with how many beads she drops on the floor. once in a blue moon, i go after one, and she thanks me for that because otherwise, she just leaves them. really, you can't find much on that kitchen floor. i can understand why she doesn't want to try finding a small bead! but, it's crazy when i find a bead in my food dish, like i did last night. i'm so lucky i didn't break a tooth!!

the windows have been shut tight for weeks now, so i'm guessing it's the cold part of the year that Mommy and i both seem to hate. the heat goes off now, it's nice hanging out by the vents. and i guess a nice thing about it being colder is that Mommy takes out the blankets more, and let's me sleep under them with her. those are the best naps! i know Mommy likes them, too.

well, guess i better go. i can't think of anything else of importance right now, except for a nap in the big box!!