Monday, September 22, 2008

Just Some Thoughts

Mommy has locked me in the computer room for the 2nd time tonight. i hate when she locks me in here. i only wanted to bite the hell out of her, which i was doing successfully, when she got up in a rage and chased me all the way in here. and then she slammed the door shut. the only consolation tonight (yes, there have been other nights when she's locked me in here) is that the computer is on. so, i am writing. it's been awhile.

i hear that Mommy and i are getting a new housemate soon. i hear, also, that she is an animal lover. hmmmm. maybe i will like her, i am not too sure. what i do like, however, is the apartment upstairs. Grandma left the apartment door ajar last week when the new lady came to look at it, and when Mommy thinks i'm wandering down in the basement, i'm really upstairs snooping. although, last Thursday i was up there and Mommy heard me. that was because i stupidly jumped off the counter in the kitchen, and Mommy heard. i'm no lightweight, that's for sure. i gave myself away. she was laughing, though. i think she was surprised i was up there. i think she also gets a kick out of the way i make the stairs creak when i'm coming down them. i don't know if she's making fun of me and my plumpness, or what. it's one of the reasons i like to bite her in the evening!

well i hear Mommy moving around in the kitchen. maybe she will let me out now!! i don't think i'll try biting her again tonight. of course, she's going to ditch me soon after she opens the door to go to bed. i can never win!!


Anonymous said...

Long time ..LOL
Hey plumpness is cute;))
But biting is not....Be Good and hope you & Mommy like the new housemate:))

Take care of Mommy...


Catalina aka Cathy said...

Well, Hello there Mittens!
It was very nice reading your blogs. I wish my light bulb would of clicked on sooner. But Im glad it finally did and I found you.
Just wanting to let you know that you had me LMAO, LOL
BTW take care of mommy and no more biting :)