Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is This Thing On?

yeah, it's been forever ago since i last posted anything. Mommy never turns the computer on anymore because she uses this thing called a laptop. she mostly has it on her lap. well, duh. but, there are times when she puts it on the table. when she turns it off at night, she usually shuts it, but sometimes she forgets to. that means, i can try to use it! it's a little harder to use, but i'm trying to get the hang of it.

anyway, so many things have happened since i last wrote, i don't even know what to write about. i guess i'll just start with Mommy. she was very sad this summer. she used to talk about her good phriend, Mason, and now she doesn't a lot, and that's because he had died in June. now, i didn't know Mason very well, but what i did know is that Mommy really thought he was funny. she usually laughed a lot when talking to him. and she smiled a lot. and sometimes she said awwww. i don't know what that was about. i know she talked about me with him many times. she would tell him things i was doing. uhh, hello, privacy?? did she always have to mention the stupid things i'd do?? i mean really, sometimes i was rather embarrassed. well, anyhow, Mommy was like a zombie the night that Mason died. i remember she got up off the couch and went into the kitchen, and just started calling people to let them know. there were times when she was a bit incoherent because she was crying so hard. i felt really bad for her, and for her phriend. i think Mason was waiting for another lung transplant, and just didn't make it. that is such a shame. now Mommy is trying to let people know how important it is to be an organ donor. it sure sounds pretty important to me.

Mommy put up a little thing called a memorial on her table in the bedroom. it's a picture of Mason and some cards he had given her over the past few years. there's also a turtledove with his picture that he gave her for Christmas last year. i have learned that this memorial is special, especially when i climbed on the table to take a closer look and almost knocked the dove off the table. wow, Mommy really got upset with me. she started yelling and crying all over again. i haven't climbed the table since.

Mommy was also unhappy this summer because the weather sucked, as she put it. there weren't too many really hot days, i admit. sometimes i like those kind of days. i just lay there like a big slug on the cool floor. well, sometimes it's a warm floor. but whatever. summer turned into fall pretty quick, and Mommy was really freezing for awhile there. but Grandma gave her money to buy a heater thing. Mommy calls it an urn. whatever it is, i like it. it gives out very nice heat. i'd sit on top of it if Mommy would let me, but she's no fun. so, i just sit right next to it and feel the warmth. aaaaaaahhhhhh!!

Mommy closed up the computer room for the winter. she had the courtesy to move my chair into the jewelry room, but for awhile there i was so mad at her for moving it that i tried so hard not to use it for awhile. eventually i caved. who can blame me? it's got a nice comfy blanket on it, and it's warm and stuff. i just couldn't resist it anymore, and boy was she ever so happy the first time she saw me using it again. she's such a dork.

i guess that's it for now. i'm going to leave with a video of Mommy not being very nice to me.

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